Discovered Case Study is an online marketplace for handmade products made by real artisans. It was founded in 2014 in the Netherlands.

The KickAssGrowth team was engaged to help Discovered improve their Growth Channels, Customer Acquisition, Customer Activation and Referral programs.

Having created detailed personas, we found a few potential Customer Acquisition channels after a couple of weeks. The Discovered team was focused mostly on Google Adwords (with 40,000 euros monthly budget). They had a very high CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) when they hired KickAssGrowth – they spent 1,295,74 euros on acquiring just one customer.
Our goal was to find the best channels and reduce CAC.

We started restructuring Google Adwords campaigns by splitting them into different types – by countries and the funnel level (Top & Bottom of the funnel).

After that, we restructured those campaigns and split them into campaigns that targeted Broad match keywords and Exact match keywords.

Then, we split specific keywords and ads (A/B tests) in order to test which keywords and ads converted better (Broad or Exact match keywords, Different mobile and desktop ads).


CTR went up by 273%

CR went up from 0.07% to 1.23%

CAC was reduced to 87.39 euros

The KickAssGrowth team found that Facebook was also a great CA channel. We used the Facebook Inception technique and AdEspresso to reduce CAC.


CTR: 5.8 %

CAC for products in the bag: 7.98 euros

CAC for Orders: 19.37 euros

Customer Activation and Referral

We used Intercom to activate visitors to give us feedback about the home page and what they were looking for. Moreover, we got emails and A/B tested follow-ups with referral programs for the $5, $10, $15 and free shipping gift cards.

KickAssGrowth redesigned top banners and pop-ups in order to get better page activity and CTR on the website. We A/B tested different texts, colors and CTA buttons which improved CR from the home page to product pages by 112%.