Healthy Fit Natural Case Study

We started Healthy Fit Natural in August 2015 with the aim of getting massive traffic from Facebook (viral content) and SEO in more advanced stages.

We launched the site in just a few days by using a premium WordPress theme. First we started with a small blog theme and upgraded it to Magazine quickly.

Our goal was to publish 4 new articles per day, invest in getting new fans and publish 6 posts daily on Facebook, leverage Pinterest and do a little bit of SEO.
We achieved some really nice results regarding social traffic and referrals, but SEO in this really competitive niche gave us a lot of hassle.

We started restructuring Google Adwords campaigns by splitting them into different types – by countries and the funnel level (Top & Bottom of the funnel).

Facebook Marketing:

We grew three Facebook pages that had more than 60,000 fans in total. We spent only $1000 to achieve this growth.

  • Healthy Fit Natural
  • Healthy And Natural
  • Healthy Fit Life

We had some really nice engagement (likes & shares) on Facebook because we created unique mini infographics for every post we published on Facebook.

Pinterest Marketing:

We knew that Pinterest was a great content marketing channel and that we needed to find a way to leverage it to get more traffic. We would first outreach to group board creators to get invited to post in their groups. After this, we would pin to one board and re-pin that same pin to other group boards which resulted in viral content/pins every day.


We didn’t focus on SEO in the first 3 months because of the Google Sandbox period for new domains, so we focused on social instead. Google started to rank some keywords in November, and we began our Link building and SEO journey.
We used mostly Guest Blogging, Comments and Forums.

In March 2016 we got an offer to sell HealthyFitNatural and since it was too good to refuse, we accepted it and let someone else contribute to the growth of this beautiful project.