Hiri Case Study

Working with Hiri, a newly born cross-platform email client, was a true pleasure from the very first day. Over a very short amount of time, our KickAssGrowth team, consisting of a handful of dedicated growth hackers, generated quality backlinks, and outstanding results in organic traffic sessions, and app downloads, focusing on promoting the email client itself.

Putting focus on quality when it comes to performing outreach and writing guest blog posts resulted in exceptional posts on websites like TheNextWeb and BeautifulLife.

Here’s what KickAssGrowth focused on the most:

  • OnPage and OffPage SEO
  • Blog optimization & Content curation
  • Paid Facebook campaigns
  • Google AdWords campaigns
  • Coupon and software promotion through free channels

We achieved the following results:

  • 15 high quality backlinks (DR 60+) per month
  • 11x more organic sessions within 2 months (from 320 to 3,500 per month)
  • 200+ weekly app downloads within the first 10 days

Our Hiri team was made up of:

  • Dedicated PPC experts
  • Content managers
  • Outreach specialists