BustMold Case Study

Our main tasks when it came to BustMold were:

  • AdWords
  • Bing
  • Call tracking
  • SEO & link building
  • Content writing & analysis
  • Creating a comprehensive guide on how to prevent mold:
    Check Here

When it comes to SEO, what we did was “detox” their entire website—we made sure to remove all the bad and toxic links that were acquired with bad link building techniques, and get them new, quality ones.

In addition to this, we analyzed all the pages of their website, improved them, constantly worked on making their content better (optimizing it and adding relevant information), removed unnecessary content, and optimized their services.

As for AdWords, we created daily campaigns ad adjusted them so that we’d target only the most important keywords for BustMold. At one point, they had so many calls that they couldn’t achieve replying to all of them.

The KickAssGrowth team for BustMold consisted of:

  • A paid specialist
  • An SEO specialist
  • A content writer
  • Outreach & promotion managers
  • A growth manager