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Customer Activation

Using Growth hacking techniques and user activation hacks to move your customers? It’s a great Jedi mind trick, except it’s real.

Since website conversions directly depend on Customer Activation, this process, the second one in the AARRR funnel, is crucial. UI/UX design is the main part of Customer Activation, but Copywriting, Call to Action and Consumer Psychology also play a significant role. We use our vast Growth Hacking knowledge to create a superior user experience and motivate customers to act and act now!

Important part of Customer Activation process are A/B tests on different Call to Action. Our kick-ass team consists of experienced designers, front-end developers and psychologists who can quickly implement changes and create relevant A/B tests.

customer activation optimization services
A call to action you can’t help but click can improve your conversion rate by more than 200% and improve your retention rate.

Free Analysis

The first thing we’ll do is analyse your complete website, dissect your traffic and do market research.

Free Call

We’ll gladly discuss more about how to solve all your problems, so our founders we’ll schedule a call.

Free Strategy

After our chat, we’ll send you a handmade growth strategy that works for you and meets your needs.

Pay For Results

In the final phase we’ll start implementing the ultimate strategy, executing tactics and getting results.

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A/B Testing

In the beginning was A/B testing... To put the Growth hacking Bible aside, this is the way to test what call to action is best to use! We’ll quickly implement them and find the best converting one.

UI/UX Design

It may be analytical and technical, but it is all about the eye! Go with the changes based on the UI/UX design, and they will prove that design is of key importance.

Call To Action

An effective call to action will steer your attention towards that big shiny button. KickAssGrowth helps you test and implement crazy call to action that drives results.

Consumer Psychology

It’s less of a guessing game and more than it seems. At the end of our consumer hack process, you will start to believe in ’you are what you buy’ universal truth.

Registration Flow

Put your trust in KickAssGrowth and we’ll work on developing an effective registration flow. With our approach Bounce rate won’t become the kiss of death for your bizz.

Other Activation Features

In our vocabulary the word ’other’ actually means ’more’. We rule all customer activation territories like: Notifications, Profile Completeness, Recommendations, Banners, Gift Cards etc.

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