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Customer Retention

Do you want your business to grow exponentially or flame out and die?

Silly question, of course you want the former. You can’t afford to lose your customers, and that’s why customer retention is crucial to your company’s success. To achieve long-term goals and complete the big picture, you need to rely on customer retention.

Remember, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. The KickAssGrowth team will help you keep your customers coming back and asking for more! We’ll use various tools to track customer retention rate, and once we get the retention data, we’ll optimize them by using qualitative and quantitative indicators.

customer retention services
Get your customers hooked for the long haul and keep them coming back.

Free Analysis

The first thing we’ll do is analyse your complete website, dissect your traffic and do market research.

Free Call

We’ll gladly discuss more about how to solve all your problems, so our founders we’ll schedule a call.

Free Strategy

After our chat, we’ll send you a handmade growth strategy that works for you and meets your needs.

Pay For Results

In the final phase we’ll start implementing the ultimate strategy, executing tactics and getting results.

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Onboarding Process

It’s time to ‘tie the knot’ with potential customers! Our team will take your customer onboarding experience to the next level.<br />

Product Value Experience

If you want to retain most of your customers and make them love your product, make sure they experience its value as quickly as possible.

Email Notifications

Email notifications, email storytelling, email CTA and A/B tests are the most powerful allies you can have.

Qualitative Indicators

Understanding what your costumers want is of utmost importance. This is where qualitative customer feedback comes into play.

Quantitative Indicators

When optimizing retention, we first take action on analytics in order to identify where your customers are dropping off .


Improving retention is this powerful tool’s raison d’être. Gain that extra edge by setting up a killer remarketing campaign.

Ready to straight that retention curve?