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Data & Analytics

Data makes the world go round, so make sure you harness the power of its accuracy, integrity and real-time integration.

Data & Analytics are at the heart of growth hacking. If you fail to understand the importance of the right metrics and data, your product will be doomed. Not to frighten you, but data is a game changer, so don’t take it for granted.

The KickAssGrowth team works their magic by using various analyzing and math techniques (and yeah, that’s even more “complex” than String Theory). We measure the results by using Analytics, which helps us find the best growth opportunities. If you want to enjoy data in all its glory, it’s very important to set up the right goals in Analytics and measure relevant data. Therefore, before entering the data world and harnessing its true power, sharpen all your senses to fully understand its complexity.

data and analytics services
We dive into Analytics & Data to find the hottest growth opportunities.

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Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the Big Brother to all the web analytics tools. We are always on the lookout for the best growth possibilities, so we track and analyze data on a daily basis.


If you are a real pro, you know what Mixpanel is. This advanced tool gives more comprehensive data than Google Analytics and measures things you didn’t even know existed.


Intercom tracks users and visitors and interacts with them directly on the website. We measure user activity, collect their data and communicate with them via automated A/B testing campaigns.

Setting Up Goals

Setting goals gives your life direction. That said, this is also of key importance in Analytics. We measure the right data and help you perfect your goals based on the AARRR funnel.

Data Science

Don’t be one of those ’Where's the proof in science? There is none!’ people. We’ll show you how to implement specific Data Science strategies to generate exponential growth.


We like to say: Learn from reports! Our team makes daily, weekly and monthly reports and compares results from different channels in order to find new solutions.

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