Warby Parker Growth Case Study

Warby Parker is a famous eyewear provider. designed by their team. Their mission is to change the eye wear industry and prove that having modern and quality eyeglasses isn’t a luxury.

Warby was founded in 2010, and since then it has built a strong brand with a phenomenal customer satisfaction program. Moreover, Warby Parker has a few stores across the US and they are the best-reviewed stores on Yelp. These reviews and ratings give them social proof, strong SEO and convert people who want to buy online.
In the beginning they had the Home-Try-On program that allowed customers to try five frames at home for free. This strategy is an excellent customer acquisition strategy that isn’t scalable but acquires customers very quickly.
After they sell the first pair of glasses, they also pay for the production of another pair for individuals in need. This buy-a-pair, give-a-pair program has got great press coverage and Warby has distributed half a million pairs with this strategy.
The real growth engines at Warby Parker are social media channels. They convert more than 50% customers through viral and extremely catchy social media content. They engage Tumblr and Pinterest followers and share their photos on Facebook and Twitter.
Warby Parker’s emails are unique and engage users with silly videos, funny comments and phrases. On average, an email from Warby Parker is shared up to 80 times. They know how important video is for mobile users, so all videos are optimized for mobile sharing.
Warby Parker has raised $215.5 million so far and is worth $1.2 billion. This is an example of how to implement great growth strategies and achieve ‘unicorn’ status in the first five years.

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