Meet Our KICKASS Team

We are a group of very different people who share the same passion for growth hacking. Our aim is to pass some of that passion onto you and show you how you can make your business grow.

Tamara Stavljanin

Head of Operations

Ana Grasic

Head of Growth

Tijana Milanovic

Head of Project Management

Milica Skocic

Project Manager

Marija Kanazir

Paid Specialist

Srdjan Misic

Project Manager

Milica Dedovic

Content Editor

Sanja Milinkovic

Community Manager

Milan Mijatovic

Full Stack Developer

Igor Mitic


Andreja Velimirovic


Bora Vasovic

Research Analyst

Milena Majstorovic



We are located in downtown Belgrade, where we spend our days discovering and perfecting new growth hacking techniques, and helping our clients reach their growth goals.

When we’re not hard at work, we like to play a little foosball, hang out on our office beach (that’s right, we have a beach in our office), and drink coffee. Lots of it. We also try not to eat all the candy that we have at our disposal, but it’s a losing battle.

All jokes aside, though, we’re an experienced and multi-skilled bunch of growth hackers, so you can rest assured that the team you get will be able to tackle all the tasks thrown at it.

If this is something that’s of interest to you and you would like to discuss our future cooperation, write to us or give us a call.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and helping you grow your business!