Give your visitors value to turn them into users

The first step in the funnel is attracting the right audience to your website. The second step is engaging them with your product and brand by solving a pain point in their life in with a value offer. You need to give something to your visitors that will make them see the core value of your product/service, and motivate them to stick around enough to become your paying customers.

To do so, you need to figure out what your audience wants, what their problems are, and then create an offer that they won’t be able to resist.



What is it? A lengthy piece of content that goes into detail about a specific topic. It’s visually pleasing and informative, shorter than regular books.

Why does it work? Because it’s very specific and offers a detailed solution or answer to a question that your audience is after. People love free information that can help them out, which is what an eBook ultimately provides them with.



What is it? A one-page summary of whichever piece of content you pick out to condense.

Why does it work? Because checklists are easy to consume and pack everything that users need to know into one actionable list. No need to browse through pages, everything is right there.



What is it? A in-depth, how-to piece of content that has a very specific goal, i.e. to explain something
to your users.

Why does it work? Because it educates prospects on how they can solve their problems and does so for free.



What is it? One of the most basic lead magnets that offers a certain discount to your potential customers.

Why does it work? Because it’s short, clear, and your users get an instant discount code which they can use. People get what they want in exchange for their email.



What is it? The most entertaining and engaging lead magnet out of them all, that’s easy to share and
can go viral.

Why does it work? People like doing quizzes and sharing their results, plus you decide how you want to collect their emails.

Cheat Sheet


What is it? Similar to a checklist, a list of guidelines that your audience can follow and address their pain points.

Why does it work? Because it takes away the users’ need to think by giving them the exact answers that they need to solve their problems.

Webinar/Video Training


What is it? A seminar that’s held online, during which you deliver a lot of value to your audience and answer their questions.

Why does it work? Because webinars come with a sense of urgency which motivates your prospects to act. They also allow you to achieve human contact with your visitors.

Case Study

Case Study

What is it? A short, how-to piece of content that acts as social proof for your visitors at the same time.

Why does it work? Because it talks about a problem, steps taken to solve it, and the result you ended up with after taking those steps. It persuades your audience that your service is worth their time.



What is it? A small book or magazine that holds information about a certain product or service.

Why does it work? Because it focuses completely on what you have to offer and helps those leads already interested in your product learn more about it and move further down the funnel.

Free Consultation/Report/Audit


What is it? A way for you to connect with your future customers and get their email without sounding like you’re trying too hard to sell something.

Why does it work? Because you get to answer all of your future customers’ questions before they make a purchase. Plus, the fact that you do it in person is a bonus that will encourage your leads.

Free Software Tool

Free Software

What is it? An app or a tool that provides your visitors with an easier way to solve their problems and further motivates them to engage with you brand.

Why does it work? Because free tools are easier to market, extremely valuable to your prospects, and they serve as great lead magnets.

Resource List

Resource List

What is it? A collection of the “best of” blogs or websites specific to a certain topic, that are super useful, curated, and meant to entertain and inform your visitors.

Why does it work? Because resource lists are time-savers when it comes to research, which is why people are usually more than willing to provide you with their email in exchange for the resource list.



What is it? An app that calculates something for your users that’s relevant to your service and product.
Can be pretty affordable and deliver massive value.

Why does it work? Because calculators are interactive, increase time-on-page and engagement rates, and provide your users with actionable information they can’t get anywhere else.

Email Course

Email Course

What is it? A series of automatically generated emails that serves to teach your audience how to accomplish something that’s important to them.

Why does it work? Because email courses achieve tangible results that can be visible right away, solve a particular problem, and establish you as a trustworthy figure and an expert in your niche.

Mind Map

Mind Map

What is it? A layout of a complex subject that explains the details of that subject in a pretty easy-to-understand way, without having to worry about organization.

Why does it work? Because a mind map literally connects the dots for your audience, making it easier for them to get creative and accomplish their tasks.

Slide Deck

Slide Deck

What is it? A group of slides which can describe your product or your service, and contains relevant information to your business.

Why does it work? Because people love slides filled with useful information and they are pretty easy to share. Users won’t hesitate to exchange their email for a slide deck if they think they can benefit from the details found in it.



What is it? A way for you to gather information from your visitors that you need through a questionnaire, mail, or directly on your website.

Why does it work? Because a lot of people actually like giving feedback regarding their experience on a certain site. You can either make the results of your survey a lead magnet or create a separate lead magnet to be given after the survey.



What is it? A call to your audience to participate in a competition organized on your website, that encourages them to use your product/service.

Why does it work? Because challenges instill a sense of urgency in prospects and make the offer more compelling than others out there. Challenges are especially successful if people get to do them with their friends.

Slack/Facebook Group

Slack Facebook Group

What is it? Just like the title says, a group on either Slack or Facebook which visitors can join and share ideas, thoughts, and questions with you.

Why does it work? Because people value communities and they love being part of something “exclusive” (e.g. they can only join the group if you invite them). Add a topic they’re interested in and a couple of experts, and you’ve got yourself a great lead magnet.

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