We Can Convert Your Leads Into Paying Customers

We’ve acquired new traffic, got your visitors engaged, earned their emails, and now’s the time to sell your product and turn your leads into your paying customers. However, what you need to keep in mind is that the majority of your leads won’t automatically convert into sales just by receiving a free eBook or another resource. More often than not, converting leads requires additional help.

So, in order to understand your leads and, ultimately, convert them, we are going to find out what makes them tick—what their triggers are. We will then educate them about your product through carefully crafted emails and inspire them to give your service a try via incentives. But before we get to new value offers, we need to segment your visitors so that we could target them with the best possible incentives and increase our chances of converting them. There are a number of ways you can segment website users, but the one we use by the default is segmentation into cold, warm, and hot leads.

Cold Leads

Cold leads are going to take the most convincing to come back and become your paying customers. These are the visitors who signed up for your e.g. eBook, but then forgot all about it. In other words: they didn’t download it like they were supposed to. So, simply sending them emails like you would to other segmented leads won’t work. We need to remind them why they’re here and, if necessary, provide with even greater value before we allow them to churn.

How Will We Convert Cold Leads?

By sending personalized follow up emails which will accentuate your product’s value, reminding your leads of why they registered on your site in the first place, and inspire them to become your customers.

By providing your prospective customers with useful resources through a series of emails, that will help them solve their business problems and ultimately lead them to your website.

By inviting them to participate in a contest and offering a reward that they’ll benefit from and that’s relevant to what you intend to sell. The latter part is extremely important if you want to avoid unqualified leads.

Warm Leads

Aside from cold leads, there are those users who accepted your value offer by e.g. downloading your eBook. They acted in the exact way we wanted them to and got segmented into the group “warm leads”. This means that they are interested in what you have to say and offer, and why they require less work than cold leads, but still enough attention to actually get converted into sales. In order to move further down the funnel, they need more incentive.

How Will We Convert Warm Leads?

By creating a retargeting campaign which we’ll use to send your leads to a landing page with your product benefits or to your sales page.

By offering a free demo or trial for your product or service to give them a taste of what they will get if they opt for the full version.

By recording an awesome webinar to achieve contact with your leads, show them we’re human, and feed them information that they need.

Hot Leads

Last but not least are hot leads, which are warm leads who we encouraged to take another step towards becoming your customers. These are the users who both downloaded your eBook and used the other value offer you presented them with, because they are genuinely interested in your product or service. That’s why hot leads should always be your #1 priority and why you should provide them with that last offer that will close the deal.

How Will We Convert Hot Leads?

By designing a loyalty program to send a message to your future clients that you are interested in not only making money, but also building relationships with them.

By giving them a friendly call where we’ll do our best to close the deal and turn them into a paying customer. We’ll get to know your client beforehand, so that the call is as personalized as possible.

By making a limited time offer which will instill a sense of urgency in your potential customers and make them finish their purchase more quickly than originally planned.

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