GIVE Your Users Something of Value

A picture of a present, representing the way we offer value to your customers.
It’s pretty straightforward, really: in order for your users to see what your business is about and motivate them to stick around enough to become your paying customers, you need to offer them something of value. The good news? We can create that value for you.

Why Pick the GIVE Package?

In order for any content to “stay king”, you need to stir things up every now and then i.e. try to create something other than regular, old blog posts for your audience. We’re talking about quizzes, giveaways, eBooks, and other content that can provide you with the opportunity to go viral and attract more people to your business.

What Will GIVE Help You Achieve?

As mentioned, this package will not only help you drive more traffic to your website, but also engage your audience with your brand, product and/or service. By promoting the quality content we create via different social media and paid channels, we’ll ensure that it gets a larger reach and you end up with an expanded email base.

Who Is the GIVE Package For?

For any individual or company who is looking to make the right kind of buzz about their business, draw the attention of their audience, and acquire a solid base of high-quality leads who are really interested in what you’re doing and everything you might have to offer. Now, we think that sounds pretty awesome, don’t you?

Starting from


per month

*Prices displayed above do not include the budget needed for ads.

**The final price depends on the scope of work and needs of each client.

The GIVE Package Includes:

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Paid Advertising


eBook Icon

What is it? A lengthy piece of content that goes into detail about a certain topic.

Why does it work? Because it’s very specific and offers a detailed solution that your audience is after. People love free information that can help them out, which is what an eBook ultimately does for them.


Checklist Icon

What is it? A one-page summary of whichever piece of content you decide to condense.

Why does it work? Because checklists are easy to consume and contain everything that users need to know in a form of a single actionable list. No need to browse through the Internet, everything is right there.


Guide Icon

What is it? An in-depth piece of content that educate users on the subject at hand.

Why does it work? Because it helps your prospects learn how they can solve problems they're having. And it does so for free. With such a great combination, it's no wonder guides never fail to deliver results.


Quiz Icon

What is it? An extremely entertaining, easy-to-share, and engaging lead magnet.

Why does it work? It's simple—people love doing quizzes and they like to share their results and see how others did. They are also an opportunity to get your hands on a few emails to be used at a later date.

Case Study

Case-study Icon

What is it? An analysis of the development of a particular company or project.

Why does it work? Because it talks about a problem, steps taken to solve it, and the result you ended up with. It persuades your audience that your service is worth their time and that they should look no further.

Resource List

Resource-list Icon

What is it? A collection of curated blogs or websites, dealing with a certain topic.

Why does it work? Because resource lists are time-savers when it comes to research, which is why people are usually more than willing to provide you with their email in exchange for a quality resource list.

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