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3,200% growth in 1 year

While working on their free website builder, we managed to get from 3,000 to 97,000 visitors per month in just a year. Our focus was on driving more traffic to Ucraft’s website, ensuring they get more free trial signups, activating and retaining their users, and finding paid subscribers for their business.

Product type: SaaS

332% growth in 10 months

Not only did we raise the number of registrations per month from 213 to 708, but we also reduced their CAC to 10 euros per user in the UK market (their CAC was around 45 euros in Denmark) and increased their profitability. We successfully lowered the CAC in the UK by using the Facebook Inception Technique.

Product type: SaaS

Organic traffic increased by 100%

Along with organic traffic, the number of website conversions for Supreme Tracks increased by 82% in the period of 6 months. We also helped the ST team with their sales processes and managed to improve lead conversion rates. Some of our daily activities included email marketing, website optimization, copywriting, social media, paid advertising, etc.

Product type: Online service

236% growth in just 5 months

In a short period of time—using online advertising—we raised the number of monthly calls for Mold Busters from 58 to 137. In addition to that, we detoxed their website, improved their content, and even wrote a comprehensive guide on how to prevent mold. We mostly focused on AdWords, Bing, call tracking, SEO, link building, and content writing.

Product type: Service-based business

A 9x higher conversion rate in the first 4 weeks

In the first month alone working with EGM, we managed to get better conversion rates, a six times lower AdWords CAC, 25 infographic publications from top-quality websites, and a lower Facebook CAC. We focused on improving on-page and off-page SEO, optimizing their blog, Facebook advertising, and PPC campaigns via Google AdWords.

Product type: SaaS

From 50 to 3,000 ‘students’ per month

We helped Zeqr launch their online knowledge-sharing marketplace in 2017 (supported by Guy Kawasaki) and in a bit over a year, arrived to impressive 8,100 sessions per day. Our focus was on advertising, organic traffic, PR, conversion rate optimization of every part of the funnel, email automatization, user onboarding and implementation of analytics.

Product type: Online marketplace

A 45% higher download conversion rate

While working with Hiri, our main goal was to increase download conversion rates for their landing page, and bring relevant audience to their website that would download their fantastic email client. Within the first 10 days, we had 200+ weekly app downloads, and within a month, 11 times more organic sessions (from 320 to 3,500 per month).

Product type: Email client

A 43% higher landing page conversion rate

Platformax is a prospecting tool and a sales management CRM whose primary goal was to increase its conversion rate. When our team joined forces with theirs, we worked on improving their brand, redesigned their website, performed various A/B tests, and focused on email automatization, SEO, and implementing important UI/UX changes.

Product type: SaaS

More than 100k visits per month

Aside from a higher number of monthly visits, we also increased Discovered’s conversion rate from 0.2% to 4%. We managed Google and Facebook ads (targeting and retargeting combined with pixels and event-based conversion tracking), created more than 50 landing pages that we A/B tested, and helped with UI/UX improvements on their payment page.

Product type: E-commerce

$10 million raised during the ICO phase

What we did for Robotina was help them transition from an ICO private sale to a public ICO. We were responsible for designing and developing their whole ICO brand, logo and landing page, and we also created their bounty program and managed advertising campaigns during the ICO phase.

Product type: Cryptocurrency

Increased free user conversion rate from 0.02% to 3.7%

At first, our main goal was to expand Physique57’s audience reach from the US to the rest of the world. Afterwards, we focused on higher conversion rates, by helping them with their user onboarding process, and A/B testing a number of landing pages, CTAs and content. Additionally, we managed different advertising and influencer marketing campaigns.

Product type: Online workout videos

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